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 Basic Cash Registers Click & Pick-up  

Starting from $220 / Order & Pickup 

Many Clients struggle to setup their Cash Register from Scratch, and depending on the machine purchased may require varying levels of help and assistance. Our online pricing is for hardware online and does not include consultation or service in line with our competitors. We still remain a service company with staff on the ground to assist in many aspects of your business including ECR Setup, web sites, email, internet, digital signs, camera and much more. We encourage clients to join our Kent Club simply by purchasing a Care Plan you will receive automatic membership. Please call and ask about  our care, support & maintenance plans. We also offer staff training & business coaching and accounting software.


10 departments,

Tax & GST functions
Can Issue Receipts
(Not Tax Invoices)

Raised keyboard
Space Saving Sml 4note, 4 coin drawer

Basic Entry Level - Minimal Setup required

$295 (Ex GST) 


 8/16 departments,
300 PLUs

Tax & GST functions
Can Issue Receipts
(Not Tax Invoices)

Raised keyboard
Std 400 x 450 Draw
(Sml Draw Avail)


$350 (Ex GST)

16 departments,
500 PLUs
12 Character Descriptor
Tax & GST functions
Tax Invoices/Receipts

Raised keyboard
Improved Large Display
Std 400 x 450 Draw
* Available in Sml Draw


$495 (Ex GST)
*$425 (Ex GST) Sml Dw

* Care Plans are optional on all models which includes a programming service of your receipt and logo (where posible) and also 12 months telephone support. You are a member of the Kent Club simply by purchasing from us, to obtain member rates.
All machines that are resold are refurbished by our qualified technicians. 
We are  authourised service and repair agents for many companies as listed in Yellow Pages